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I'm playing with things. Right now. It's really ugly. And I'll also note (with no amusement whatsoever) that CSS is a gigantic pain in the prat; I think it might be trying to give me ulcers. And for the love of Pete (whoever that is), why does it break in such unintuitive ways? It's maddeningly stupid. You'd think that since it's 2009, we'd have elegant ways of defining what goes where on a simple web page with a little text for any size of screen or device, right? But nooo we have an entire industry of "web developers" (and I use the term incredibly loosely) that tell you to just use fixed-width designs because the W3C apparently can't be arsed to define relative operators that make a damn bit of sense. I can see that now, and it's only by sheer stubbornness that I have a page in progress (this ugly-ass thing you see here) that uses not a single "px" in any part of it.

Also, JavaScript really ought to kick out errors that actually tell me something. "Syntax error at line 30?" Why, thank you! THAT'S A BLANK DAMNED LINE! Honestly, the proliferation of hokey-ass "web technology" is probably the worst thing happening to the software world today. It makes me a little ill that first Palm with the WebOS and now Google with ChromeOS have the gall to say that the browser is even a remotely adequate application space. What ever happened to caring whether applications took 99% of your CPU time doing FFTs in a fixed-point VM or not? I thought we were in a new age of trying to make efficient computers? What gives? It's like the devil saying to his advocate, "Excellent! You've won me the case. Now I'll go hang myself."

Speaking of things frivolously eating millions of hours of processor time, Flash needs to get up on that gallows first. Maybe it runs acceptably in Windows, but it's pretty sad on other platforms and there isn't even any real good reason for it. Like for my own side, supposedly it's in the Linux camp to step up its act. But wait, why the bloody hell should we support your product!? But I'm not being entirely fair:

At least it's not Silverlight.

What do we have to show for all the effort put into Moonlight? Certainly not anything that's a star performer or even up to the most recent version of the "spec" (speaking of terms we're using loosely...). Mr. Silverlight Inventor? Kindly consider autoimmolation. Gaah, this is depressing.

Update, 2013:

Well, would you look at that! Now it's five years later, and what's changed? Hahaha, you're funny, you thought something would change! From where I sit, the above is just as true now as it was then. Well, almost. You see, now we're writing web servers in JavaScript! Oh joy!